Hybrid Wafer Metrology for Bump Inspection and Overlay Control in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing

November 14, 2022

Monday, November 14th, 2022 at 11am EST|8am PST|6pm IST Join us for this web seminar to learn about advanced hybrid metrology to optimize semiconductor R&D and high-volume manufacturing processes, including bump inspection in thin-film analysis, and thickness and composition measurements of AgSn micro solder bumps using a monochromatic micro X-ray beam.

NEX CG II – Cartesian Geometry EDXRF for Enhanced Elemental Analysis

January 14, 2022

Applied Rigaku Technologies recently launched a new, second-generation NEX CG II EDXRF spectrometer. What makes NEX CG II unique is its advanced Cartesian Geometry optical kernel. We want to briefly discuss the advances in EDXRF technology, and then discuss what this brings to users specifically when they use NEX CG II, a multi-element, Cartesian Geometry indirect excitation EDXRF system. We will also want to talk about applications where NEX CG II excels and why Cartesian Geometry EDXRF is advantageous for their analytical needs.

Benchtop Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF) Spectrometer

December 15, 2021

Prepare solid and liquid samples with TXRF. Ideal for ultra-trace elements at sub-ppm levels due to the optical configuration, which results in low-background noise.

Features and Applications of Rigaku's NANOHUNTER II Benchtop TXRF

December 03, 2021

Glenn Williams and Thanh Nguyen introduce the NANOHUNTER II Benchtop TXRF/GI-XRF analyzer for ultra-trace elemental analysis with minimal to no sample preparation. Ideal for applications spanning metallo-protein research to environmental assessment and thin-film metrology.

Analysis of Organic Chloride in Crude

November 04, 2021

This application note demonstrates the performance for the analysis of organic chloride in crude per ASTM D4929 Part C using monochromatic EDXRF.