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Neurons in the brain | Image Credit: © Leigh Prather -
Fluorescent Probe Created to Better Analyze Chemicals Behind Depression

April 19th 2024

Chinese scientists recently created a dual-response fluorescent probe to better understand the pathological mechanisms of depression disorder.

Fresh Cordyceps militaris in Glass bottles | Image Credit: © gee1999 -
Reflectance Spectroscopy Tested for Identifying Fungi Species

April 4th 2024

99.7% fine manganese isolated on white background | Image Credit: © Björn Wylezich -
Micro-Raman Spectroscopy to Analyze Layered Manganese Oxide Structures

March 19th 2024

Support, trust and help from caregiver or nurse walking with senior man or patient in retirement home with healthcare insurance. Hands of female medical worker and alzheimers male with hospice care | Image Credit: © Beaunitta Van Wyk/ -
Novel Fluorescent Probe TH-1 Unveiled for Targeted Protein Degradation

March 19th 2024

An illustration of a network of molecules, forming a web-like structure, representing the dynamics of molecular interactions Generative AI | Image Credit: © Denis Yevtekhov -
Spectroscopy Expected to Drive Growth in $107B Proteomics Market

November 23rd 2023

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