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The land is dry and parched because of global warming. | Image Credit: © neenawat555 - stock.adobe.com.
Revolutionizing Agriculture: Machine Learning Unveils Optimal Microbial Strains for Drought Mitigation

February 1st 2024

Researchers from the University of Szczecin and other Polish institutions have applied the power of machine learning, employing various models, to forecast optimal microbial strains for mitigating drought impacts on crops, marking a leap toward sustainable agriculture to ensure global food security.

Gardener using mobile app checking monitoring soil moisture with smartphone | Image Credit: © memento_jpeg - stock.adobe.com
New Time Series Prediction Model Tested on Measuring Soil Moisture

February 1st 2024

Analyzing PFAS in Soil and Water Using ICP-MS
Analyzing PFAS in Soil and Water Using ICP-MS

January 18th 2024

Set of insects | Image Credit: © Alekss - stock.adobe.com
Identifying Insect Species Using Machine Learning

December 26th 2023

Potassium. Kalium. Alkali metals. Chemical Element of Mendeleev's Periodic Table. Potassium in square cube creative concept. | Image Credit: © Aleksander - stock.adobe.com
Potassium Isotopic Composition in Plants Analyzed Using MC-ICP-MS

December 12th 2023

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