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Scientist investigating the chemistry of the environment © Michael - stock.adobe.com
A Brief Review of the Latest Spectroscopic Research in Environmental Analysis

June 18th 2024

Spectroscopic analytical techniques are crucial for the analysis of environmental samples. This review emphasizes the latest advancements in several key spectroscopic methods, including atomic, vibrational, molecular, electronic, and X-ray techniques. The applications of these analytical methods in detecting contaminants and other environmental applications are thoroughly discussed.

native arsenic from Alberoda, Germany isolated on white background | Image Credit: © Björn Wylezich - stock.adobe.com
Sustainable Methods for Detecting Arsenic in Minerals

June 12th 2024

Farmer holding soil in hands close-up. Male hands touching soil on the field. Agriculture, organic gardening, planting or ecology concept. | Image Credit: © maxbelchenko - stock.adobe.com
Analyzing Soil Acidification Using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy

June 10th 2024

Micro plastics mixed in the sand of the beach | Image Credit: © GaiBru Photo - stock.adobe.com
Advanced Raman Techniques for Micro- and Nanoplastics Detection

June 7th 2024

Simulate Shape of covalent molecules on a periodic table background. Soft and selective focus. | Image Credit: © Aoy_Charin - stock.adobe.com
Tröger’s Base Derivatives Studied Using HPLC

June 6th 2024

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