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3D rendering image illustrating the process of DNA packaging into chromatin fibers, highlighting the role of histone proteins in regulating gene expression and chromosome condensation. Generated with AI. | Image Credit: © G.Go -
Novel Technique Reveals Hidden Chromatin Dynamics in Live Cells

July 11th 2024

A new study examined chromatin configurations using a new method called interferometric scattering correlation spectroscopy (iSCORS).

Researcher biochemist woman analyzing virus expertise working on coronavirus treatment in microbiology hospital laboratory. Chemist scientist typing biomedical research. Biochemistry examination | Image Credit: © DC Studio -
Using Raman Spectroscopy in Biomedical and Biological Research

July 11th 2024

Raman light and AI technology unite: © dejanns -
Light and AI Unite: Raman Breakthrough in Noninvasive Lung Cancer Detection

June 26th 2024

Abstract futuristic digital and technology on dark blue color background. AI(Artificial Intelligence) wording with the circuit design. | Image Credit: © Thitichaya -
Optimizing AI Models for Raman Spectroscopy: Improving Disease Diagnosis

June 21st 2024

Artist’s depiction of fNIRS data and AI study of brain health © chaisiri -
Affordable Near-Infrared Open-Source Wearable Brain-Monitoring Device Revolutionizes Neuroscience

June 20th 2024

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