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Group, set of simple new high quality shiny galvanized stainless steel metal aluminium alloy pipes stacked, iron pipes, industrial construction materials, supplies storage, warehouse stock, nobody | Image Credit: © Tomasz -
LIBS System Built on Microjoule High PRF Laser Identifies Aluminum Alloys for Recycling Potential

January 2nd 2024

Differing grades of aluminum alloys have large differences in their composition, especially when it comes to trace elements, emphasizing the need for them to be evaluated for means of production, use, and recycling.

Dirty beach environment from plastic garbage. | Image Credit: © NPD Stock -
From Bakelite to Biodegradable: Practical Initiatives for Broadband Spectroscopy in Plastic Remediation and Replacement

January 2nd 2024

Texture made by rectangular rock tiles pavement | Image Credit: © maciejmatteo -
LIBS Side Effects on Geomaterials Studied

December 8th 2023

Red laser beam light effect isolated on transparent background. Neon light ray. | Image Credit: © Likanaris -
New System Created to Study Relationship Between Lithium Plasma and LIBS

November 29th 2023

calcite mineral cyan macro texture | Image Credit: © Alexander Potapov -
TARIM Calcite: A New Benchmark for Laser ICP-MS In Situ Calcite U–Pb Dating

November 13th 2023

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