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Female farmer gathering fresh vegetables on her farm | Image Credit: © Jacob Lund -
Reviewing the Impact of Raman Spectroscopy on Crop Quality Assessment: An Interview with Miri Park

February 1st 2024

Miri Park of the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technologies is examining how Raman spectroscopy could aid non-destructive sensing in agricultural science. Recently, Park sat down with Spectroscopy to discuss micro-Raman spectroscopy's role in assessing crop quality, particularly secondary metabolites, across different contexts (in vitro, in vivo, and in situ), while suggesting future research for broader application possibilities.

Parkinson disease patient, Alzheimer elderly senior, Arthritis person's hand in support of geriatric doctor or nursing caregiver, for disability awareness day, ageing society care service | Image Credit: © Chinnapong -
Novel Thiazole-Pyrazole Fused Benzo-Coumarin Compounds Show Promise as Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease

January 9th 2024

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Revolutionizing Raman Spectra Analysis: A Breakthrough Iterative Curve-Fitting Baseline Correction Method

December 8th 2023

Neon Waves Background | Image Credit: © BazziBa -
Raman Spectra Used to Understand the Origins of Banding in Spherulites

December 2nd 2023

Sunset on Mars. Mars mountains, view from the valley | Image Credit: © Peter Jurik -
SHERLOC's Precision Unveiled: Calibration Method Enhances Raman Spectroscopy on Mars

November 20th 2023

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Recording the Raman Spectrum of a Single Molecule

Recording the Raman Spectrum of a Single Molecule

September 2nd 2021

Analytical chemists are continually striving to advance techniques to make it possible to observe and measure matter and processes at smaller and smaller scales. Professor Vartkess Ara Apkarian and his team at the University of California, Irvine have made a significant breakthrough in this quest: They have recorded the Raman spectrum of a single azobenzene thiol molecule. The approach, which breaks common tenets about surface-enhanced Raman scattering/spectroscopy (SERS) and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS), involved imaging an isolated azobenzene thiol molecule on an atomically flat gold surface, then picking it up and recording its Raman spectrum using an electrochemically etched silver tip, in an ultrahigh vacuum cryogenic scanning tunneling microscope. For the resulting paper detailing the effort [1], Apkarian and his associates are the 2021 recipients of the William F. Meggers Award, given annually by the Society for Applied Spectroscopy to the authors of the outstanding paper appearing in the journal Applied Spectroscopy. We spoke to Apkarian about this research, and what being awarded this honor means to him and his team. This interview is part of an ongoing series with the winners of awards that are presented at the annual SciX conference. The award will be presented to Apkarian at this fall’s event, which will be held in person in Providence, Rhode Island, September 28–October 1.