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Blank white herbicide canister can in corn seedling field in springtime sunset | Image Credit: © Bits and Splits - stock.adobe.com
Novel Fluorescent Sensor for Mesotrione Detection

January 8th 2024

A research study out of China explores the use of a new fluorescent sensor for better detection of mesotrione, an herbicide used to control the growth of weeds.

Doctor hand wearing blue gloves holding fresh frozen plasma bag in storage blood refrigerator at blood bank unit laboratory. Human plasma for covid-19 patients treatment | Image Credit: © arcyto - stock.adobe.com
Histamine Determined Using Fluorescence Detection System

January 2nd 2024

Robert Kennedy
Retrospecting on Analytical Chemistry: An EAS Interview with Robert Kennedy

November 16th 2023

poppy heads with drops of opium milk | Image Credit: © KPad - stock.adobe.com
Opium and Hashish Tested Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy

September 14th 2023

Foam cell, a macrophage cell with lipid droplets | Image Credit: © Dr_Microbe - stock.adobe.com
Lipid Droplets and Endoplasmic Reticulum Analyzed Using Fluorescence Probe

September 8th 2023

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