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A Recent Look at Molecular Spectroscopy

May 28th 2024

Below is a compilation of articles from our Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench column.

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Scientists Use Portable Raman Device to Detect Natural Carcinogen in Peanuts

May 3rd 2024

Best of the Week: Intermolecular Interactions, Illegal Ivory Trade, Breaking Down Fentanyl
Best of the Week: Intermolecular Interactions, Illegal Ivory Trade, Breaking Down Fentanyl

May 3rd 2024

Blood cells Background and Hematology with blood as a concept of the immune system through immunology as microscopic biology hemoglobin symbol inside the human body | Image Credit: © freshidea - stock.adobe.com
SERS Tested for Early Diagnosis of Pancytopenia-Related Diseases

May 2nd 2024

a womans arm with an abnormal mole that was diagnosed as being malignant melanoma skin cancer | Image Credit:  MW Photography - stock.adobe.com
SERS-Based Skin Cancer Detection Method Tested

May 1st 2024

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Developing Portable Raman Spectroscopy Methods for Identification of Raw Materials Used in Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing

February 1st 2017

Portable instrumentation for Raman spectroscopy has rapidly evolved over the last decade, where sample testing that once occurred in the laboratory is now executed in the field (e.g. warehouse).   Portable Raman spectroscopy is a powerful technique for the rapid identification of diversely sourced raw materials used in pharmaceutical processing.  In addition to portability; reduced cost, rapid data acquisition and ease of use make this powerful technique attractive and accessible to both expert spectroscopists and non-specialists.  In most cases, the method development can be easily accomplished in the laboratory after which the instrument and methods are transferred to field for sample analysis or warehouse areas for inspection of incoming raw material.  Qualitative Raman methods for identification of raw materials typically utilize spectral libraries for sample to standard comparison.  When developing Raman spectral libraries for raw material identification, great care is required when considering critical factors (e.g. instrument type, Raman capability, container type, container interference, background interference, material variability) that can potentially influence the identity of the material.  This paper discusses portable Raman techniques and approaches for raw material identification, as well as key considerations for developing and validating Raman spectral libraries.